Trent Reznor – How To Destroy Angels [EP]

1 Jun

I’ve heard some Trent Reznor before, but the music never completely caught on with me, so Reznor had long been forgotten in my mind. Then comes along this gem, “How To Destroy Angels” and ol’ Mr. Reznor has found his way back in to my life. Rejoice, and download.

Spotted at TheHipHopEffect.

DOWNLOAD :: Trent Reznor – How To Destroy Angels [EP]


Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse (ft. Julian Casablancas) – “Little Girl”

1 Jun

Word is that this is a sort of in-limbo project that is just about everywhere online, but hasn’t officially been released in the way it was intended. Although, knowing Danger Mouse he probably could give two shits about whether it’s been “officially released” or not. This song, “Little Girl”, with Julian Casablancas has an eeriness about it, as most song with Casablancas’ vocals do, kind of feels like it should have been in Rocky Horror Picture Show? I don’t know.

DOWNLOAD :: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse (ft. Julian Casablancas) – “Little Girl”

SHAD – “Rose Garden” [Music Video]

1 Jun

I really like the video concept on this one, but you’ve got to watch it the whole way through. It also helps that dude can spit, props, and if you see this, get in touch for a collabo.

M.I.A – “Haters”

31 May

The title probably makes you think you know what this song is going to sound like, chances are whatever you imagined is wrong. This song is just funky and industrial and me likes.

DOWNLOAD : : M.I.A – Haters

*Late Post* LOST Finale Trailer

31 May

I know the finale was eight days ago, but I saw this trailer over on DarkUFO and I had to put it up on here for the world to see. Enjoy that shitzz.

Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” & “Month Of May”

31 May

I had somewhat, vaguely, moderately enjoyed Arcade Fire’s music before I got amped up about “Where The Wild Things Are”. The problem was I didn’t listen to enough of them. Once I heard their song for the film enough, and realized how good it was to my ears, I couldn’t help but anticipate their next body of work. Well, here are the first two singles off said body of work, which is in fact titled “The Suburbs” and is due out August 3rd. You can pre-order it now though, right HERE.

Mumford And Sons – “Roll Away Your Stone”

31 May

Mumford and Sons are the illest, capital ILL, folk band I’ve ever heard. Saw it over at P&P.